Country first aid kit

The first aid kit should not be very bulky. After all, it should contain medicines only for providing the very first aid, and then it is necessary to deliver the patient to the doctor.

With the onset of warm May days, the owners of country houses cease to please the city noise, the abundance of cars and the presence of a supermarket across the street from the house. The heart asks for the city, for fresh air.

Dacha fees are usually quick and hectic. It is important not to forget warm clothes, rubber boots, mosquito repellent, skewers and a children’s bike. And often forgotten is such an important and necessary thing in the country as a first-aid kit.

Working in the garden / vegetable garden, driving children on various wheeled vehicles around the village, lighting a fire – all this dacha pastime is fraught with injuries of varying severity. Not to mention the fact that such commonplace problems as indigestion, headaches and colds can ruin a holiday in the country for a long time. Therefore, it is so important to quickly eliminate these painful conditions. The “country” first aid kit will help you to do this as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Of course, if there is a car in the country, then somewhere under the seat or in the trunk there is a car first-aid kit. But, unfortunately, it does not always provide the necessary means for providing first aid. And not always there is an ordinary pharmacy nearby, not to mention the one on duty. Therefore, by taking care of the minimum set of medical supplies for a country first-aid kit in advance, you will save a certain amount of nerves and strength in case of injury or sudden illness of your household.

The first aid kit should not be very bulky. After all, it should contain medicines only for providing the very first aid, and then it is necessary to deliver the patient to the doctor. This is especially important if a child is sick.

Injuries, wounds
Injuries in the country are not particularly diverse. Most often these are abrasions, cuts, bruises and sprains. If with a bruise you just need to apply a “cold” to the site of a potential bump, and then lubricate with an ointment based on arnica or Troxevasin, then in case of an abrasion or a shallow cut, you first need to treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide or rinse with water, and then anoint with brilliant green or iodine. It is much more convenient to use brilliant green and iodine in the form of special felt-tip pens – “Lekers” than to use cotton wool for these purposes, soiling both fingers and clothes. After that, a bactericidal patch is glued to the damaged area.

A sterile napkin or cotton wool soaked in an antiseptic (hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine, furacilin) ​​is applied to a deep wound and a bandage is applied on top. If the wound is deep and requires suture, then the victim must be taken to the nearest emergency room.

Poorly located porch steps, ravines and grooves in the nearest forest threaten to sprain the ligaments, most often the ankle joint. In this case, it is necessary to anoint the stretch site with Troxevasin and apply a tight elastic bandage.

A bonfire set up to burn debris and sawn branches is not only a fascinating sight, but also a potential cause of burns. From burns to the dacha, it is better to take Panthenol spray or use the Rescuer balm.

Food poisoning and overeating
Disorders of the intestines, popularly called “diarrhea”, but scientifically “diarrhea” are not uncommon in the country. Insufficiently washed vegetables, a change of water – and now a queue of sufferers is lining up to the toilet.

You can quickly eliminate this trouble if you stock up with Smecta, Regidron, Linex. Smecta acts as an adsorbent and collects all the toxic muck from the gastrointestinal tract. It can be replaced with Polyphepan or activated carbon. To restore normal digestion and intestinal flora, the victim of diarrhea is given Linex or drugs that include bifido or lactobacilli (for example, bifi-form, bifidumbacterin forte). And if the diarrhea is prolonged, and the body is threatened with dehydration, then it is necessary to take rehydron. It restores water and salt balance in the body and prevents dehydration.

If you just ate a shish kebab and feel a strong heaviness – take mezim or another similar drug. This medicine contains enzymes and helps the absorption of fatty and heavy foods.

Constant walking outside and back into the house, cold nights, wet feet – all this contributes to the occurrence of colds. A runny nose and cough usually appear first. For a runny nose in a country first-aid kit, you need to have Aquamaris or Salin. These drugs wash the nose well and have a bactericidal effect. In addition, drugs with a vasoconstrictor effect (in particular, Naphthyzin), which relieve nasal congestion, will be useful. You should not abuse them, but you can drip them at night – this will allow you to sleep peacefully.

It is better to treat a cough with medicines that have an expectorant effect, such as Ambroxol, Lazolvan, Bronholitin, Bronchicum. If a red throat is added to all this, then Bioparox or Hexoral gets from the country first-aid kit. And although an antibiotic is part of Bioparox, it should not affect the intestinal flora either locally.

An increase in temperature indicates that the body is fighting infection. And if the sick person normally tolerates an elevated temperature or it is very small, then there is no need to bring it down. But if we are talking about a child, and the temperature goes off scale for 38-39C, then it is better to use antipyretic in candles or in the form of syrup. For example, Paracetamol or Nurofen.

Fresh cool breezes, capless walking, and swimming in local waters can contribute to otitis media, especially in children. In this case, it is useful to have Otipax or Otinium in the medicine cabinet.

You can speed up recovery for all colds with the help of immunostimulants – Aflubin, Immunal, Arbidol or Viferon ointment. Well, of course, you need to drink more, a warm liquid with vitamin C is especially useful – tea with lemon, cranberry juice, etc. And also eat natural vitamins from your own garden – red and black currants, gooseberries, cherries, strawberries.

Finishing touches to the country first aid kit
Mosquitoes are one of the most unpleasant components of a summer cottage. Therefore, it is so important not to forget the remedy for these flying creatures (repellent), as well as the medicine for treating their bites, such as the Lifeguard balm. As for insects such as wasps, bees, hornets, antihistamines (Claritin, Tavegil, Suprastin) may be required to treat the effects of their bites. Because in some people, “communication” with these insects causes allergic reactions. In addition, the dacha is full of other allergens – pollen from flowers and trees, cat hair, etc.

In addition to the above drugs, it is good to have a pain reliever in the medicine cabinet in case of headache or other pain (Analgin, Citramon or any other), Albucid eye drops, a thermometer, an enema, cotton swabs, syringes, and a heating pad. Well, and valerian just in case. In principle, almost all drugs in the country first-aid kit are replaceable, you can pick up any other analogue. By the way, you can take the same first aid kit on any travel, and not just to the country.

As you can see from the list, the first aid kit is quite impressive. Most likely, from this list, only three or four items are really needed. But, when it comes to health (and sometimes life in case of serious injury) it is better to play it safe several times.